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Matric (9th-10th) English Grammar and Composition by PCTB

Class (IX & X) English Grammer Textbook by PCTB in pdf format
If you are in search of Textbook of English Grammar and Composition for Matric Part-1 and Part-2 by Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB), Lahore for English medium students then you are at right place. Textbooks of all subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English, Urdu, Islamyat, Pak Studies, Accounting, Statistics, Economics, etc) are available here on You can download/view these books easily and there is no need to install any pdf viewer for online preview because these books are previewed online through google drive.

Introduction to the book:
This book (English Grammar and Composition) is for Matriculation Part-1 and Part-2 (9th and 10th class both) students. This book was released by Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB). This book was printed and published by P.L.D Publishers, Lahore in 2018. The book is approved by the Fedral Ministry Of Education, Islamabad.

The authors of the book are: 
  • Miss Arfa Syed
  • Dr. Asghar Ali Sheikh
  • Prof. Syed Waqar Azeem
  • Dr. Sohail Bukhari
  • Mirza Hadi Ali Baig
  • Molana Murtaza 
  • Hussain Fazal
  • Naseer Ahmed Bhatti.

This book was published under the supervision of: 

  • Jameel Ur Rehman
  •  Dr. Mubeen Akhtar.

The editors of the book are: 
  • Team Qadri Graphics, Lahore.

This copy (PDF) of the book is officially uploaded by Elearn (by Punjab Government) and it is totally authentic book.

Summary of the book:
This book contains the basics of English Grammar. For the lovers of English Literature, this book is a heap of knowledge. The book is written by senior professors of English and full of the key points of English grammar. Due to its essential part in English Grammar, Punjab Govt. has made it part of Matriculation Course.

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