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12th (F.Sc Part-2) Biology Pairing Scheme 2019

12th (Inter Part-2) Biology Pairing Scheme 2019-20
12th class (inter part-2) biology pairing scheme 2019 for annual examinations of all educational boards of Punjab is available here.
Pairing scheme helps students during their preparation of exams. A student feels burden if he has to prepare each and every chapter and topic. Pairing scheme tells us the weight-age  of every chapter. So, it becomes a little bit easy to prepare exams following the scheme of study.
Taleem360 provides pairing scheme of all subjects of matriculation (9th & 10th) and intermediate (11th & 12th).
(Note: The new pairing scheme for exams 2020 will be out about 1-2 month ago before exams. This pairing scheme is last updated: 19-09-2019)
Here is your desired Bio (Inter-II) | Pairing 2019.

12th Class Biology Pairing Scheme 2019

(Punjab Boards)


1 from each chapter (17, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27)
2 from each chapter (15, 16, 18, 21)


Short Questions

Q#2 (8 out of 12)
Chapter 15 ----------------- 3 Short Questions
Chapter 16 ----------------- 3 Short Questions
Chapter 23 ----------------- 2 Short Questions
Chapter 26 ----------------- 2 Short Questions
Chapter 27 ----------------- 2 Short Questions

Q#3 (8 out of 12)
Chapter 17 ----------------- 3 Short Questions
Chapter 18 ----------------- 3 Short Questions
Chapter 22 ----------------- 3 Short Questions
Chapter 25 ----------------- 3 Short Questions

Q#4 (6 out of 9)
Chapter 19 ----------------- 2 Short Questions
Chapter 20 ----------------- 3 Short Questions
Chapter 21 ----------------- 2 Short Questions
Chapter 24 ----------------- 2 Short Questions


Long Question

(Any 3 out of 5)

Chapter 15  &  Chapter 25

Chapter 16  &  Chapter 20

Chapter 17  &  Chapter 27

Chapter 18  &  Chapter 22

Chapter 19  &  Chapter 24


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