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Like (our sibling website), this website ( is also a totally private website. It does not belong to any official organization or govt. institute. We have our private team and our cause is to promote education in Pakistan. For this noble purpose all our team members are working for free. Even you can become part of our team for this noble cause.
Here are our team members: 

Qasim Tariq (Owner)
I am the owner of this website and some other websites, I have created this website for the help of students. My dream is to Educate Pakistan! Let's be a part of this dream!

Suffi Ullah (O/A Level Expert)
I am a teacher. I joined the educatedzone's team to support this noble cause. Now, Alhamdulillah our efforts bore fruits and we have published taleem360 as well. I appreciate this great effort. A positive step to Educate Pakistan!

Your Patriotism always asks you a question "What you have done for your country?" Let's Do something for our country. Join us to become the part of this noble cause. Our motto is to promote education. Let's Educate Pakistan! 
     Join Us & Become a part of our team. Contact us at and join an awesome world of Education.

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